Solar Panels for summer cottage

Solar Panels for summer cottage: The Complete guide

If you are interested in buying solar panels for your summer cottage, we have gathered all the information you need here.

Read more about the cost of solar panels in holiday homes as well as tips and advice on how you should think when you want to invest in a facility for your cottage.

How much solar panels are required for a summer cottage?

Since you are normally in your summer cottage during the hot season, you also do not need to use any electricity for heating during this period, which means that you will produce a surplus of electricity during the days in the summer.

A summer cottage consumes an average of approximately 6,500 kWh per year. A solar panel plant of 5kW, which produces about 5000 kWh per year, is thus sufficient for an average summer cottage.

In the event that your summer cottage is not connected to the electricity grid, you can not sell any surplus electricity. In this case, it may be relevant to buy a solar battery that allows you to use your solar energy even in the evenings and nights.

However, a solar panel battery can not store electricity for more than a couple of days, which means that you may still need to invest in other types of solutions for your power supply, such as a spare unit powered by diesel.

This arrangement is called off grid , which means that your cottage is completely independent of the electricity grid.

How to get solar panels for your holiday home

When you plan to install solar panels for the summer cottage, there are some things that you need to think about so that everything goes right.

1. Review the conditions.

To begin with, you need to review the location of the photovoltaic system. Is the roof of the cottage free of shade and will it last for another 25-30 years? If the roof is not optimal, you can review the possibility of installing the solar panels on the ground instead. Also find out what the cottage has for electricity consumption per year and what the roof has for slope.

2. Order quotes.

Through our service, you can receive and compare quotes from different solar panel installers. If your cottage is not connected to the mains today, it is important that you state this in connection with your request, as this requires a little extra planning.