Solar Power bank FAQs

Why should I buy a solar bank?

If you are on the road a lot, you will be in a situation where important devices suddenly stop working because they need to be charged. Then the search for a suitable charging option begins. With a Solar Powerbank, you are self-sufficient and simply have your battery with you.

How often can I charge my mobile phone with the electric bank?

It depends on the performance of the power bank and the mobile phone battery. Simply divide the power bank’s capacity by the capacity of your smartphone battery and you will get the number of times it has been charged.

How do I store a powerbank outdoors?

Store your power bank at room temperature. Temperatures that are too high or too low can emit or damage the unit. Make sure that the electric bank is not completely discharged, but also not fully charged.

How do I know when Solar Powerbank is full?

Most power banks have a charge level indicator or a flashing LED display that shows when they are fully charged. Look in the manufacturer’s description to see what your product looks like.

How can I discard a broken power bank?

A broken power bank must never be disposed of with household waste. Return your power bank to the nearest recycling center. You can get the address from your waste management company.

Why is the power bank not allowed in the case?

A power bank can cause a fire if it is defective. Therefore, it must not be transported in a suitcase and also confiscated there. It can only be carried in hand luggage. Read the information from your airline carefully.

Why is it called a power bank?

A power bank is translated as energy storage.

Can I charge my powerbank and a connected device at the same time?

You should avoid this as much as possible, as charging the power bank at the same time can heat up the power bank a lot. This can damage the battery and the power bank will break faster.

Can I only use my Powerbank Solar with sunlight?

Unfortunately, this is not possible because the power banks have too few solar panels in comparison. In between, you must always charge it from the mains.