What is Pilates?

Learn the history of Pilates and how regular Exercise with Classical Pilates improves the joy of life.

Pilates is a training method that uses a special type of Pilates apparatus or equipment together with various smaller tools to improve their strength, flexibility and body awareness. Classical Pilates was invented a century ago by Joseph Pilates. 

Together with his wife, Clara, they developed the classical Pilates method in their Pilates studio in New York City until the end of the 1960s. Joe drew inspiration from dance, bodybuilding, yoga, martial arts and gymnastics but also different movement patterns from animals.

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The Pilates method

The Pilates method has six basic principles that underlie the training in Classical Pilates as Joe developed it. Classical Pilates is what classical ballet is compared to modern dance.


Each movement begins from the center of the cup and out toward your hands and feet. Your waist also called the “powerhouse”, includes the abdomen, buttocks, hips and the inside of the thighs. By initiating the movement from the center, your body will function more efficiently.


You will achieve better results with your training because the Pilates method involves a conscious presence and concentration in each exercise. This method requires a conscious thought and action. By learning to be attentive and focused on the training task, you improve both concentration and performance.


Control rather than intensity or repetition is the key to performing Pilates properly. The exercises are done with complete muscle control and no body part is left out.


It’s about the details! A correct shape and posture is important. Exercise with quality instead of quantity. It is better to do 5 repetitions of an exercise with fine form than 20 with careless and careless form.


During the Pilates training, we check the breathing throughout all the exercises. Joseph Pilates always encouraged clients to forcefully pump air in and out of the body. Deep breathing helps to activate the deep abdominal muscles and release unwanted tension and keep you focused.


Pilate training is designed to flow smoothly from one exercise to the next. Fluent, graceful and with ease are goals that apply to all elements. The transitions between the exercises should flow smoothly so that the movement becomes continuous and natural.