When is aged care necessary?

We often think of aged care as a choice we might make as we get older – and some of us certainly do make the choice to move into residential aged care. But for others, the choice is made for us when circumstances dictate that a move into aged care is necessary. Health and wellbeing issues, carer capacity and your ability to manage on your own may all play a hand in a move into aged care – which will allow you to receive the care and companionship that you need.

Aged care might be necessary for you if:

You have health issues that require a high level of care

Serious health conditions and traumatic health events (such as heart attacks or strokes) can make it difficult to care for yourself properly. Daily tasks such as dressing yourself or bathing yourself that you once took for granted can become a struggle. Aged Care, or at least some form of in-home care, is likely to be necessary in these circumstances, and will make your life significantly easier.

You have no one to adequately care for you

If you have serious health or mobility issues and lose your carer and have no one to replace them, aged care might quickly become necessary for you. Obviously, you won’t be able to live on your own – and while interventions such as Complete Care Packages may help, they won’t replace the round-the-clock care that you need. Aged care is a secure place for you to live a life that’s as safe and healthy as possible given your condition.

You are increasingly forgetful

Forgetfulness seems to go with the territory of getting old – but there’s a point where it’s more serious than just forgetting what you came into the room for. If you’re starting to forget how to do tasks you once did easily, or how to get to places you know well, it’s time to consider a move into aged care, where you’ll receive 24-7 access to specialist medical and health care.

You find yourself having accidents or falls more often

Accidents and falls do happen occasionally as you age, but if they’re happening more and more frequently, aged care can certainly help you stay safe. Most aged care facilities have fall monitoring technology these days, giving you great peace of mind that help is close at hand should you have a fall. As well, you’ll be given assistance with tasks, transportation and mobility, so that your risk of a fall is much lower.

You have trouble moving around short distances

Mobility issues can be quite restrictive, making it difficult to get out and about in the community and undertake necessary activities. A move into aged care might be beneficial for those with mobility issues, as aged care facilities are specifically designed to meet the

needs of older people, and provide mobility aids and staff to assist you in getting around. Plus, everything you need is likely to be provided on site, so you won’t have as much need to move around in the community.

You are not eating properly

Perhaps you’re struggling to prepare meals properly, or to carry out other tasks such as food shopping; or perhaps you couldn’t be bothered just cooking for yourself. Either way, your nutrition is going to suffer – and at a time when good nutrition is more important than ever. A move into aged care will ensure your health is properly looked after, and that healthy, nourishing food is provided for you.

You can’t keep on top of your household chores

Households take a lot of work to maintain, and this workload often gets increasingly difficult as you get older. It can also become risky for older people with health, mobility or balance issues; and falls commonly occur when trying to do house or garden work. However, there’s also a risk in not keeping on top of your household chores, with health problems caused by dust and mould a distinct reality. As well, there’s the risk of tripping over objects that have fallen or have been left lying around on the ground. Household tasks are necessary; and when you reach the point where you can’t complete them satisfactorily, you’ll need help. Home Care Packages are an option to help with household tasks; and aged care will remove them completely, as they will all be taken care of for you.

You don’t want to or are afraid of living on your own

Older people unfortunately often find themselves having to live alone – a situation which may not be all that desirable. People pass on, or move away, and it’s easy to lose touch with friends and colleagues after you retire. It can be quite lonely, plus you can feel a little vulnerable on your own – sometimes even afraid. If you don’t feel safe and secure in your own home, or are feeling increasingly lonely and isolated, a move into aged care can be a very positive thing. You’ll soon feel part of a community, and able to enjoy the social interaction, friendships and regular activities provided by the facility – and worries about safely will become a thing of the past.

Aged care is a necessary support for health and wellness for many people, for all these reasons and more. Find out for yourself how aged care can help you age well – have a look at Finley Regional Care’s high quality aged care facilities here: https://www.finleyregionalcare.com.au