What are the best pavers to use in a commercial setting?

Choosing the right pavers for your commercial area requires some serious thought. Your flooring choice will have a big impact on your area, as it’s something that is continually used, so you need to ensure your pavers will be able to withstand the amount of traffic the area is likely to get. Your choice of flooring material also has a big impact on the look and feel of the area; something that’s important in a commercial setting. All your décor choices contribute to the tone of the area, so you need to ensure you’re making the right choices. Before you do though, here’s what you need to consider.

How your area will be used

The best pavers for your premises will depend on what use your area is being put to. You might choose very different pavers to surround your community swimming pool than you would to pave the outdoor eating area of your café or the driveway of your conference centre. Beautifully designed and delicate pavers might work well as features on the wall of your café courtyard, but won’t be any use at all on a driveway that gets a lot of traffic. Consider the suitability of different types of pavers for your commercial area – and eliminate those that won’t work.

How often it will be used

Tied in with the way your area is used, is how often it will be used. Will your paved area have to cope with a steady stream of either foot or vehicle traffic, or will it only be put to occasional use? Will it be mostly vehicle traffic or pedestrian? How regular will that traffic be? Answering these questions will help determine the most suitable type of paver for your commercial area.

The size and shape of the area

Your choice of paver should be influenced by the size and shape of your area. Different types of pavers create different effects, for example, you can make a smaller space appear bigger by using larger pavers, or a larger space appear smaller by using smaller ones. If your area has an unusual shape that will require pavers to be cut, you may be limited in what type of paver will work well. Consider carefully your area’s size and shape, and choose pavers that will enhance it and work effectively within the space.

The maintenance requirements

This is a big one – will you have time to spend caring for and maintaining your pavers, or do you need something that will basically look after itself? Busy premises will likely need very low maintenance pavers, as business owners simply don’t have time to baby their pavers.

Your desired look and feel

You need to create an atmosphere in your commercial premises, so it’s important to choose pavers that will enhance the atmosphere you are trying to create. Different types of pavers will create a completely different look and feel (for example, an area paved with small red bricks will feel vastly different to one paved with large grey concrete pavers). Consider how the shape, colour, size, texture, finish etc. will match your décor, set or enhance your style and give you an area that feels unified and cohesive with your business vibe.

Concrete pavers – a great choice for a commercial area

Once you’ve considered all these things, you’re ready to make your paving choice. And while there’s plenty of different types of paver that might work, there’s one paving material choice that stands out – concrete pavers. They provide an enormous number of advantages for commercial areas, as they are:

  • Versatile, offering almost endless choice of colours, finishes, patterns and textures
  • Long lasting, tough and durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Easily repairable
  • Safe and user-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Very affordable when compared with other material choices

You might think concrete pavers are boring, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Concrete pavers look nothing like concrete, but are designed to look and perform like natural stone. They come in a huge array of colours, styles and finishes, with a beautiful appearance that will enhance the look of any commercial area.

But the great thing about them is that while they look amazing, they perform like concrete, bringing all the benefits of concrete to the beauty of a paver. They are super strong, last for a long time, are very low maintenance and are stain-resistant and easy to repair if they get damaged.

They will make your area look amazing – and you won’t have to pay the world for them, either. You get the look of stone at the price of concrete – making them great value for money when you consider how long they’ll last.

So, if you’re looking for the best pavers for a commercial area, look no further than concrete pavers. You can browse a quality range of artisan-style concrete pavers for commercial premises here, crafted by the leaders in commercial paving manufacture.