What are the best outdoor pavers?

A paved outdoor area is a wonderful addition to any home, giving you extra space to entertain, garden, play or simply relax and enjoy. Paving the area ensures it looks great and is highly usable as well. But what are the best pavers to choose to make your outdoor area attractive and functional for years to come? Let’s find out.

The best outdoor pavers have the following features.

Won’t become too hot

The last thing you need is pavers that will become too hot underfoot in bright, sunny conditions. Outdoor pavers are going to receive a lot of sunshine, so they need to be able to absorb the heat effectively and not burn bare feet.

Won’t become slippery in wet weather

Slippery pavers are just an accident waiting to happen. You need sure footing in your outdoor area, not a slippery and unstable surface. Your outdoor pavers should display strong non-slip qualities, and be properly installed so that they don’t become unstable and risky to walk on. This is particularly true is the pavers are installed around a pool or water feature.

Are resistant to marking

Let’s face it, there are many things that could cause your outdoor pavers to look dirty, stained and unkempt. Fallen leaves or flowers, damp grass, animal droppings, muddy footprints, garden chemicals, furniture movement … all have the potential to mark or stain your pavers. The best outdoor pavers should have high stain resistant qualities, so that any stains or marks can be quickly cleaned off without leaving any permanent residue.

Are suitable for use by children and pets

When your children want to play outdoors, you need to know they can do so safely and without undue risk. You need an outdoor surface that is suitable for use by children, and can also be used by pets without sustaining wear, tear and damage.

Will stand up to the rigours of outdoor entertaining

Spills, stains and accidents seem to go with the territory of outdoor entertaining, so you need pavers that can handle anything you or your guests throw at them. The ideal outdoor pavers will be long lasting and durable enough to handle large amounts of foot traffic while still maintaining their aesthetic appeal. As well, they need to be able to resist stains and

damage from spills, otherwise your outdoor area will very quickly end up looking worse for wear. Concrete pavers should be the low maintenance background to your outdoor entertaining, providing a delightful backdrop to the event, but not creating more work.

Can handle any kind of weather condition

The weather is unpredictable – but the durability of your outdoor pavers shouldn’t be. Outdoor pavers will have to deal with all kinds of conditions, from harsh sunlight, intense heat, flooding rain, storms, frost, hail, and sometimes even snow. And you don’t want pavers that you need to baby through weather events. No – you need outdoor pavers that can stand up to any type of weather, without losing their appeal or becoming unusable.

Are easily repairable

Outdoor pavers are susceptible to many things that could damage them, such as weather, excessive use, accidents, falling objects etc. If an accident does happen, you could easily end up with a cracked or broken paver. You don’t want to have to re-pave the entire area following a mishap though. You need pavers that can be easily repaired, leaving your paved area looking good all year round.

The best outdoor paver choice

If you’re looking for pavers that fulfill all these conditions (and more) – you can’t go past concrete pavers.

When it comes to heat, concrete pavers are the ideal choice. Concrete pavers stay cooler to the touch in direct sunlight than most other types of natural stone, making them a much more usable and family-friendly choice. They can also withstand the harshest of weather conditions with aplomb. They will be unaffected by heat and cold alike, and are not susceptible to the variations of the weather.

They are suitable for use by children, pets and adults alike, providing a cooler, non-slip surface that is safe for use by anyone – even around the pool. As well, they are designed to be resistant to stains and substance marks caused by outdoor entertaining or the natural world. If something is spilled or dropped on your pavers, all it takes is a light acid wash to quickly return them to their former glory.

Concrete pavers are also easy to repair. If you end up with a damaged paver, it’s a simple task to lift the paver, add more bedding material and re-install a new one. They are a simple and fuss-free choice for those who want to enjoy their outdoor area, rather than maintain it. Concrete pavers require minimal maintenance, and will keep performing over many years without much help from you. They are long-lasting and durable, and can handle anything without losing their good looks.

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