Uneven teeth and gums

Uneven teeth

Uneven teeth and tooth gaps can be remedied due to both functional and / or aesthetic reasons. There are several types of treatment methods to adjust the teeth in a sustainable way.

It is common with crooked teeth or tooth gums. In the case of more extensive misalignments where, for example, the lower and upper jaws do not meet correctly, a treatment by bite adjustment may be necessary for functional reasons. Many treatments are also performed for aesthetic reasons.

It is common for self-confidence and well-being to be negatively affected if you are dissatisfied with your teeth. If uneven teeth or gaps affect you in your everyday life, an aesthetic treatment can be an option. 

Which treatment suits me?

Which treatment method is most suitable is decided depending on the problem and the desired end result. With the help of different types of aesthetic dentistry, you can correct, among other things, the shape, color, size and bite of your teeth and adapt the treatment based on your own wishes. Some common methods for uneven teeth and gaps are braces or veneers. Dental implants and treatment with bridges can also be an option if you do not have teeth.


A common treatment option for uneven teeth is orthodontics. Orthodontics can correct functional defects such as a narrowed bite, teeth that have grown incorrectly, or other types of bite defects. It can also be an option for you who want to adjust the teeth for aesthetic reasons and even out the tooth row or a gap.

 A fixed brace with rails is proven and gives precise results, Incognito also gives the same exact results where the rails are instead attached to the inside of the row of teeth. 

It is never too late to regulate your teeth for a smoother bite or a straighter row of teeth. Lentini dental offers orthodontics for both children and adults, so regardless of problems or age, they can help you.

Shell veneers

Shell veneers are another common option for uneven, crooked, discolored or broken teeth. If you want to correct a dent or uneven teeth, shell veneers can be an effective method that changes the shape of the teeth and lasts a long time. The facades are usually made of ceramic but can also be made of composite material, ie ordinary plastic filling material. Initially, a small part of your tooth is ground down to make room for the new one. Thin shells are then attached to the teeth to be corrected. This way, you and your dentist can choose what your new smile should look like. The durability of shell facades varies, but they can last more than 20 years if taken care of well.