How does an SMF battery work

That is a good question. For an ordinary person who is not very experienced, it easily becomes quite confusing with all these battery types and their abbreviations. 

We previously wrote about AGM batteries and EFB batteries and now we end with SMF batteries. This is to give you basic information when it is time for the next battery for the car. An SMF battery is a maintenance-free battery, just like the others. SMF stands for Sealed Maintenance Free. 

This means that you do not need to refill water. However, unlike AGM batteries, the battery still contains liquid acid, and can therefore only be mounted upright. It is also not shock resistant, and therefore does not fit very well in boats for example. 

SME batteries are based on calcium / calcium technology, which means that the fluid loss is around 80% lower than with standard batteries, and the discharge is also lower. That is why they are manufactured and marketed as maintenance-free. 

SMF batteries are thus a slightly more advanced standard battery. But that does not mean they do not do the job. In ordinary cars without modern functions such as start / stop function, SMF batteries still fit well. They are affordable, and deliver the starting power that most cars need. 

Below you can quickly see if there are any SMF batteries available for your particular car. 

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Which battery types are best?

If we rank all battery types against each other, the list will be as follows: 

  • AGM
  • GEL
  • EFB 
  • SMF 
  • Wet lead acid battery (not maintenance free)

They also cost accordingly, and in the end it is the purpose that determines which type of battery is best suited. If it is just a car battery you are looking for, SMF batteries are a good choice. In principle, all major battery manufacturers offer SMF batteries today. 

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