Grasspave concrete pavers – why they’re an amazing choice for your outdoor area

Like the look of grass, but need the functionality of a paved area? Well, you’re in luck, because with Grasspave concrete pavers, you truly can have the best of both worlds!

What exactly are Grasspave pavers?

Much like they sound, Grasspave pavers can incorporate grass into the open space contained in the paver. These handy concrete pavers are crafted in a unique four-leaf clover design that can be laid straight or angled to provide a variety of patterns. And at 90mm thick, Grasspave’s sturdy construction can withstand heavy traffic and high loading with no problem at all.

They are suitable for both commercial and residential use, and are perfect for driveways, walkways and garden applications. Commercially, Grasspave can be used anywhere that high vehicular traffic can be expected, such as in parking lots, construction sites or anywhere that soil or grass erosion can occur.

These strong, durable workhorses of the paving world are the ideal choice for a whole host of applications, and they’re low maintenance and highly cost effective too.

As well, Grasspave pavers are purpose-designed for erosion control and water management, and are an eye-catching and functional solution to the problems caused by rainwater run-off.

Most paving stones are a solid surface, and don’t allow rainwater or surface water to infiltrate through the surface of the pavement. This can cause high volumes of surface water run-off, particularly in areas with high levels of land development, leading to potential flooding and water pollution.

A permeable pavement like Grasspave allows the rain or surface water to penetrate through the holes in each paver and protects sloping areas from rutting or eroding. As more and more land is developed, this becomes increasingly important to reduce the pressure on our stormwater and estuary systems that have to work hard to manage high volumes of run-off.

Add Grasspave does it all while adding greenery, style and interest to an outdoor area.

Advantages of Grasspave pavers

The striking and unique Grasspave concrete paver brings with it a whole host of advantages and benefits, that make it a popular choice for good reason:

  • Provides heavy duty load bearing properties
  • Can withstand heavy traffic and abuse with no fuss
  • Provides a permeable paving surface
  • Greatly reduces soil erosion and degradation
  • Are useful for ground stabilisation
  • Provides a single unit system for easy installation
  • Are maintenance-free
  • The spaces in the pavers can be filled with grass, pebbles, rocks or other materials to add interest and appeal
  • Contain an additive to reduce water adsorption
  • Quality oxide pigments provide long-lasting colour
  • Manufactured locally
  • Are an economical way to pave
  • Create an eye-catching feature in your outdoor space
  • Come in a few different colours to complement any décor or colour scheme

Where are Grasspave pavers commonly used?

  • Residential driveways
  • Caravan parking
  • Boat parking
  • Erosion control
  • Trails
  • Emergency access paths
  • Golf buggy paths
  • Sewer access roads
  • Barn flooring
  • Drainage channels
  • Parking lots
  • Dam embankments

Where can you buy Grasspave pavers?

National Masonry is Australia’s leading retailer of Grasspave pavers, which are manufactured locally to meet strict Australian standards. If you need a permeable pavement surface that can truly do it all, have a look at Grasspave pavers here: